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This page contains mp3 recordings and scores which are free to download.
All music copyright © Panos Ghikas.
flute, oboe, clarinet Bb, violin, double bass, percussion, tape, video
Ensemble Exposé, dir. Roger Redgate,
London, The Warehouse, 05/2010.
(extract below)
the film sextet
string quartet (2008)
Arditti String Quartet, Kingston University, London, 02/2008.
Many time in the night
octet for cd, voice, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, percussion
Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music, Megaro Mousikis, Athens, 03/2006.
tethnakin extract
viola and clarinet in b-flat
Peter Sheppard Skerved (vla), Linda Merrick (cl), London College of Music, 02/2001.
(extract below)
oboe and two CD players
Christopher Redgate, The Warehouse, London, 05/2005
(extract below)
solo piano
Maya Momçiloviç-Jordan, The Warehouse, London, 05/2002
(extract below)
Condor Sylens
violin and cello
Panos Ghikas (vln), Johannes von Weizsäcker (vcl)
violin and large ensemble
(extract below)
the solar anus
piano and clarinet in b-flat
Maya Momçiloviç-Jordan (pno), Melanie Green (cl), LCMM, London, 02/1997